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I started my ‘internet marketing’ career in 2006 when I bought a course called ‘Google Cash System’. Looking back on it, and knowing what I know now, there’s no way the such a simplistic system could ever have made any money but it did open my eyes to possibilities.
Several thousand dollars worth of educational material and lots of practice later and I now have a much better handle on how to make money with the internet and, more importantly for you, how to help others make money for their businesses.
What I have found is that most businesses have websites now, they see the necessity, but they’re not getting any extra business. Many web designers are charging huge fees for websites that nobody will ever see. Companies like yell.com are charging big setup fees and a hefty monthly subscription but don’t make any guarantees about visitor numbers. Even if nobody ever sees one of those sites the owner still pays!
That doesn’t seem right to me so I developed a system which gives an online presence and guaranteed traffic at a realistic subscription and with no set up fee!

I’m a member of the BNI and adhere to the strict code of ethics of the organisation.

I’m also a student of the Marketing Legend Rich Schefren

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Shaun Elliott

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