Finding Your Market

Gary Halbert is affectionately known as the ‘wildman’ of the copywriting profession.

He once asked a group of aspiring marketers a simple question: “Assuming,” he says, “you’ve got a hamburger stand”, he continued, “and you could have any one feature concerning your business… What would it be?”

The motivated group shouted their answers:

  • Killer advertising!
  • The best location!
  • Reliable help!
  • The best hamburger around!
  • A price lower than my competitor’s!
  • The cheapest price!

And so it went… After all the answers were out, and he’d written them all on the board, he asked everybody to review the list, to think again… ?Are you sure there isn’t something else? If you can only have one thing?” A few more things were mentioned, actually repeats or variations of things already on the board.

Then Gary, getting close, huddled with the crowd and whispered into the mic, “if I could only have ONE thing, I’d want”… A Starving Crowd!

Instantly everybody knew Gary was right. With a starving crowd you don’t need any advertising, any location will do, because they’re there, and they’re hungry. They’re MOTIVATED TO BUY! And if it takes a few minutes longer to get their burger, because you’re short one unreliable employee, they’ll wait. And nobody asks if you’re the ‘best’ burger around…

If you would like us to apply these and many other principles of marketing to help your business give us a no obligation call.

Let’s build something great together!

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