Foundation for Successful Business

Seven Points You Must be Clear On for a Successful Business

If you want to build a successful business then you have to make sure that it is built on a firm foundation. One of the key elements is making sure your client acquisition and retention is well thought out. Thinking about and answering the following seven questions will certainly stand you and your business in good stead! The answers that you come up with should inform any marketing activities that you engage in whether it be online or any other media.

1) What is your Product / Service?

It seems obvious but you really need to define what it is you have to offer. It shouldn’t be ‘wooly’ in any way.

2) Who wants what you have to offer?

You need to be able to clearly define who your clients / customers are. This is known as demographics. What is your prospects’ age, gender, likes, dislikes etc. etc.

3) Where are they?

If you want to reach your prospects you are going to have to know where to find them. Not all prospects are on the internet. If you were selling a product aimed at the elderly then the internet may not be the best place to reach them. Direct mailing or newspaper ads would likely be more effective. However if you are marketing to teenagers then a newspaper would likely be useless. You are better off with the web.

4) Are You Speaking to Them?

This is really about salesmanship and particularly copywriting. You need to know how to appeal to your prospects in a way that attracts them.

5) Signature System

You need to define your signature system. For example  McDonalds have their ‘happy meal’ it’s not just called burger and fries in a box with a toy – It helps to have a snappy name. It is a proven systematic marketing strategy for driving clients to businesses through online search engines.

6) Sales Process

You need an effective sales process. In the 20th Century the old ‘hard sell’ methods no longer work. You need a process to develop a relationship of trust with your prospects. You need to provide value before you even consider trying to sell them something. You need to develop a reputation as an authority in your field. This trust + authority + total integrity leads to sales. People only want to buy from people they trust and respect. It is your job to develop that with complete integrity.

7) Faith

Seems a little out of place here but you really do need faith. Faith in your product or service and faith in the first six steps. It sounds a little ‘woo woo’ and ‘new agey’ but any good textbook on salesmanship will tell you that prospects can sense any lack of faith you have in your product or service.

Don’t forget these principles apply for any marketing whether it be online or offline such as printed materials or radio or TV ads. If you need any help with any of these foundational elements you can contact me here at Totnes Consultancy I’d Love to hear from you.

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