Totnes beats Costa Coffee

Totnes has been in the news for being in the top ten most funky places in the world to live and more recently for the blue gnome debacle. Now the little town is in the news for a battle against Coffee giant Costa. Totnes is a town that thrives on individualism and independent retailers so the prospect of putting a multi million pound giant in to the mix to compete with the plethora of small coffee houses in Totnes did not go down well.
Much debate and a petition of 5749 signatures later Costa has decided to withdraw.
Costa are claiming to be sympathetic to the feelings and needs of the town but from the point of view of a business owner I would say that they are responding to the unsolicited market research they received!
Business basics dictate that with no market there’s no business. Flogging that dead horse is a common mistake amongst entrepreneurs but apparently Costa have the wherewithal to avoid that pitfall.…

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