Here at Totnes Consultancy we offer four levels of service depending on your needs.

Those needs would usually depend on:

  • How competitive your market is
  • How many keywords you need to rank for to get the results you desire
  • How quickly you want results
  • Your Budget and the age of your website

We will help you make the right choice of package based on our initial keyword research and discussing your needs with you.

The Packages are:

Local Business

This package is suitable for local businesses within the Devon area with very low competition geo-targeted keywords. This package could put your local business at the top of Google and multiply your profits for only a small investment!

Package Price – From £30 per month

Bronze Package

This is our entry level package for businesses targetting national or international clients. The Bronze package is designed to get your business, product or service in front of potential customers ahead of your competition! Suitable for keywords with up to 20,000 competing pages.

Package Price – Only £300 per month

Silver Package

When you need to target more competitive keywords with between 20,000 and 100,000 competing pages you need the extra muscle of our silver package to push your business, product or service to the top of the search engines and multiply your profits.

Package Price – Only £500 per month

Gold Package

Our Gold package provides the SEO power you need to rank highly in the search engines for keywords with over 100,000 competing pages. Our high value Gold package is designed to provide a good Return on Investment (ROI) within as short a time frame as possible. Call us to find out how quickly your investment could be paying you dividends!

Package Price – Only £1,000 per month

None of our packages tie you to a minimum contract period. If you are unhappy for any reason you may cancel your package without notice.


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